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Chat site
AndrewAung11 (21)

When you run it, it will be in the main page. There are some room links you can join! The chat rooms are not responsive. They are responsive a little but you can't see clearly on small screens (like screens with less than 1000px in width).

Read the descriptions about chat rooms in main page. Please follow the rules. There are only 3 rules;

  • Don't repeat the messages for long time.
  • Don't send rude words.
  • Don't send dirty things.

Help my chat community clean and user friendly by following those rules.

Thank you!
Have a good time using! And Happy Coding!

ch1ck3n (2069)

Also this doesn't work

it doesnt send messages

AndrewAung11 (21)

@ch1ck3n It send messages to a room that you sent. Not the other rooms which you don't sent. Like, if you sent in for laugh room other in Water cooler room can't see your chat. Every time you send the message the emitter emit to a socket listener with the room name.

ch1ck3n (2069)

this is totally copied from someone but idk where

AndrewAung11 (21)

@ch1ck3n It may seem like a copy because it layout is same like the one that rafrafraf built. But he use python, flask and flask-socket and written inline. I used node.js, express and

ch1ck3n (2069)

@AndrewAung11 it never sends any messages to a server

AndrewAung11 (21)

@ch1ck3n How? Do you click the send button? You can't send by clicking Enter or Return. I haven't add it.