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Chat (Updated!)
ruiwenge2 (632)

I updated this Chat website so that if people just click on the Send button without typing anything, it will not send. Same thing if people just type a lot of spaces.

If you do not know what this is:

This is a website that allows you to send messages with each other. You can create your own chat rooms, and you have to start by creating an account.

Edit 1: I updated this so that if you're in a chat room, you can click on Go to Main Room to go back to the main room.
Edit 2: I made another update so that you can only send messages that have less than 300 characters.




IEDstudent (2)

It doesn't let me in after I login

ruiwenge2 (632)

can you show a screenshot? @IEDstudent

IEDstudent (2)

@ruiwenge2 now I opened in a new tab and it works!

ruiwenge2 (632)

@IEDstudent yeah, if you try logging in in the iframe, it won't work

IEDstudent (2)

@ruiwenge2 This program is so nice!

DeadWither (1)

Aah, there is a problem. I made a chat room and typed in Hello, then O went to an another project and came back to this to see that the Hello is gone!

DeadWither (1)

Nice! Excellent! You are skilled!

Mangel007 (0)

very good use of repl to make this Chat!