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Charity Bot
OmarKhan6 (0)

Consists of several commands with certain parameters. !Charity: -Receives parameters of Search, State, City and Zip Code in that order

Parameters for this command are not necessary, you can add “/” to parameters you don’t want to use(only really need the “/” if the parameter is between two other parameters you inputted) -Utilizes an API called “Charity Navigator API” -Parses through the database and sends in discord the names of the 10 best charities that match your search and each of their respective websites

Receives parameters of name, zip code and day of the week in that order
Adds a volunteer to our program’s dataset and also all the information gathered by the parameters
Stores the information for the future calculations between volunteers and the donators closest to them
!Donate: Receives parameters of Name, Zip Code, Donate Item, Amount, Day of the week and Address Gets all the user input from discord and stores the data of the donation request in a data set inside the program Uses the address parameters to calculate the nearest volunteer and assign the donation request to that volunteer

!help: This command is a relatively simple one in which the Charity Bot returns a list of the commands and their respective parameters in discord.