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Chance to Win Jackpot

Repl :

Rules are in the game !
This is not a high class game,

Though there are no graphics, no animations,I hope you guys enjoy it !

I will try to make more games better than this !

Have fun !,

Please do comment, If you have any suggestions !.. Have a Great Day :) !..


Yes, this is not a high-class game, but it was pretty interesting to play it. Sometimes, when you want to do something, the most difficult and the most important is to take the first step.
You took it, and now, all your games will be better and better. Who knows, maybe you will develop the best game in the world sometimes.
I also always wanted to try playing casino games but had a fear of losing.
Finally, I came across this site, and when seeing how many casinos offer significant sign-up bonuses without having the first deposit, I couldn't help myself not to try gambling.
Since then, I play casino games every weekend.


Yes, the game is lovely, but I prefer Poker only among all the casino games. For me, Poker is the best gambling game I've ever played.
If you love gambling, then trying Poker is a must. It is the most popular and most famous gambling game.
I found out about it about a year ago. In fact, I started playing casino games a year ago, during the lockdown. It all started after coming across this site: After reading some information about Poker, I couldn't help myself not to take advantage of it.


I like the TUI graphics, and the premise of the game seems pretty interesting. I have my own game/challenge derived from your game. See if you can get one million dollars:


@thekidofarcrania: The modified code looks amazing ! the loading screen is better now ! and You won the bet, I couldn't win 1 million $, And from this, I have understood that, Even though if I have 0$, I could place a bet, So, I am gonna modify that code ! , Btw Thanks for showing me some awesome stuff ! Thank you buddy, Have a Great day :) !..


@john123: Try betting ----- redacted------


Also do you mind if I make a separate post for the "challenge" part of this game? (Of course I will make sure I credit you as the main author)


@thekidofarcrania: You can post buddy !, Thanks for asking the permission, Most people won't ask like you !. Btw, Check out my new Repl "Tribes Test !." I need some good suggestions for that game !. Will be glad if you can give me some suggestions !. Credit will be given !.