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beginner10coder (12)

Very good game but the thing about it is when you play for a long time it glitches out when you say yes it says ‘yes‘ is not defined and when you say no it says ‘no’ is not defined

GalaxyWolfX (77)

I was playing for about 30+ minutes and my fingers got tired lol

kittykitty (0)

what a cuuute game! XD


Great game, I like how it is very strategic.

Sanket143 (1)

$5359, 69 cattles

B_Dog (0)

$105422, 527 cattle

RogerPFulton (0)

Hello I like your game nice

ChillyVanilly (0)

Quite amusing game actually haha

While some1 encouraged u to learn coding, u encourage
others to become a farmer so 'Borat Bank' can make some
business with us haha

sajknslsa (4)

The current price of cattle: $1
The current price of cattle: $103
A few mins later...
The current price of cattle: $307

sajknslsa (4)

You have $42463
You have 268 cattle
:/ gonna stop playing rn, but ill keep code open...

Gordon_Ramsay (15)

$999999999999999999999999999 and 9999999999999999999999 cattle

sajknslsa (4)

@gordonramsay: erm, no, first: it would take years on that game to get that amount of money
even if you DID spend years in that game, one mistake means your cattle could all go...
people who are faking ALWAYS put 999999... as their cash / money...

sajknslsa (4)

when the cattle price is high, only accept sell offers, when its low, only buy cattle :)