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Catch the square game
SudhanshuMishra (250)

catch the blue squares they increase your score and speed

avoid the green square they decrease your lives and speed

use arrow keys to move

share your high score

Leader board

1) @YashGaneshgudi1 - 54

2) me - 35

YashGaneshgudi1 (4)

And add a replay button so when you die you don't have to re run the code again.

cosc (32)

well done, but why is it not so smooth? also, about my game, the first 2 moves on level 3 are [down, down] ;)

SudhanshuMishra (250)

@cosc thanks
pygame kinda runs slow on repl thats why its not smooth : (

JWZ6 (648)

arrow key no work, but cool animations nonetheless

YashGaneshgudi1 (4)

Great game how long did it take you to make it!

You should add more levels that have more squares falling.