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Casino Pt. 1
matthewproskils (470)

A Casino, i have worked on this for 1 week and would love for some feedback and some people to write sprites / contribute (fork it and add to the js/sprites folder)

If you want to contribute, comment the link to your repl and i will check it out

bwoop (179)

Pretty good, but what do you do?

matthewproskils (470)

@bwoop IT's in progress but i am trying to make something with lots of minigames and would love for someone to help me make some sprites

bwoop (179)

@matthewproskils nice, i would help but JS games aren't really my specialty. Good luck though i'd like to see it when it's finished!

matthewproskils (470)

@bwoop It's ok, I just really needed some encouragement because I'm taking the long route of writing classes for literally evey element instead of spagetti code.

DynamicSquid (4893)

This is interesting! I don't think I can help, but just something I noticed though... The file is supposed to be in the root directory :)