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Captain KC vs. The Jerk Pirate Keith
linnenja (37)

An pirate themed Tower Defense style game.

Baconman321 (1097)

When reloaded, the crew have no effect on the ships until you get a new one, proving troublesome for maxed ships.

Also, sometimes the ship gets stuck as selected...

Baconman321 (1097)

Ships from last round don't give you money when they destroy enemies in the next round :/

Oh, now it does. Hmmm, IDK then :/

tchian316 (4)

when I'm in wave 7, it doesn't let me put any more crew after I put 3 gunners

numcomx (111)

cool game, looks like there a lot of 404 request on your game :)

timmy_i_chen (1180)

Cheeky losing screen. Love it. :)

amasad (3447)

I love this game!!

haya (9)

nice graphics 😎

haya (9)

I got into wave 4, anyone passed that? and I lost as a jerk hahahaa

haya (9)

@joeyandpokemons: you got to give yourself some time, then it'll get easier

nthli (0)

got to wave 7, get harder there

nthli (0)

wave 9 lasts so long

Barashka (0)

How do I go on to wave 2?

RushiAthavale (0)

The fast rowboats on wave 4 get stuck in random places and spin in circles, not letting me finish the wave.

nthli (0)

good game, just the name sux