If you're bored... Flappy Bird! (Works on mobile.) (And has a highscore.)
PowerCoder (741)

If you're bored in quarantine, here's a fun and addicting game for you.

Cool features:

  • Highscore system
  • Good graphics

How to play:

To jump up press the spacebar.
The goal is to dodge the pipes. If you get hit by the pipes, it's game over for you.
Another way you can die is by touching the grass.
If you still don't get how to play go here: click-me.


  • DigitalRipple:noice.
  • Iterate:this is amazing.


  • Changed the collision detection
  • Added an actual game-over screen

Have fun :D

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NoelB33 (352)

Can you make it so that there’s not a cool down between jumps or a smaller one because it makes it a lot harder to get up and in some cases impossible.

PowerCoder (741)

@NoelBryan What do you mean "cool down."

NoelB33 (352)

The time between taps you can make, because it is very hard to get [email protected]