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There is now an (unofficial) browser extension!


  • Theming (6 themes included, plus support for custom themes!)
  • Code snippets (add your own custom code snippets - all languages)
  • Auto close HTML tags (I know supports Emmet, but I also like automatically closing HTML tags)

The included themes: active4d, Amy, All Hallows Eve, Birds of paradise, Blackboard and Brilliance Black (+ you can add your own custom themes).

Except for active4d, all of those themes are dark themes.

Code snippets: Each code snippet has a name called a label and as you start to type the label, it will appear as an option in the autocomplete suggestions (Brilliance Black theme):

Auto close HTML tags (Amy theme):

For more information and help about how to use this extension, take a look at the following website:
(source -

And here is the link to install the extension - it is on the chrome web store:

Enjoy :)

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Can you make a bookmarklet version?