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adrinjoseph (9)

This is a calculator is it cool cause I like it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !

SilvermoonCat (457)

cna you make it so that i can choose if i want to subtract add or etc


On line 16, change s6tr to str

FrancisPan (43)

this should have options instead of just so on so on until you find your desired calculator


@FrancisPan oh hi francis remember me?


@FrancisPan u do tho... i took classes with u ;)


@FrancisPan ok ok...

Bookie0 (6359)

You should fix this error (you added an extra 6 at s6tr(sum); it should just be str(sum). :)

JakeHu2020 (32)

why is everyone saying cool?

InvisibleOne (3186)

Because it's the cool think to do

InvisibleOne (3186)

Besides, it's almost a tradition

stakanmartini (2)

Cool. But I typed a letter and it died 😱


@stakanmartini @adrinjoseph because it has to be an integer

SilvermoonCat (457)

@Aphmeta you can make it go back if its a letter