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Calamity: An RPG like never before
LeviathanCoding (1601)

Battle your way through ranks of the toughest aliens, fufill quests, and try your best to save the planet. Equip armor, wield tons of amazing weapons, and loot your way to the top of the combat leaderboard.

I assure you that you have never seen anything like this before.

Calamity is a text adventure made in HTML, CSS, and raw VanillaJS. I have seen tons or terrible text adventures on repl and I want to change that. This is what a text adventure should be.

What are you waiting for? Play this in fullscreen right now.

Enjoy! If you like this, be sure to upvote the post and subscribe to me at


I don't want you spamming me for not knowing how to do something. If you don't know how to do something, type "help" in the command box and hit ENTER.

If you simply don't read the instructions, I simply won't respond.

ChopSueyMaster (50)

Yeah you seem to love making games like "never before". This is just plain amazingness. You just added one more addiction in my list of addictions @LeviathanCoding

ChopSueyMaster (50)

np lol. i m pretty sure this game will be one of the most upvoted. Let's see.... @LeviathanCoding

LaneMartin (108)

Sorry about spamming but after I defeated all the sentries, did I just beat the game?

Also, why Saudia Arabia?

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@LaneMartin , you did win. Saudi is the first place that came to my mind.

LaneMartin (108)

@LeviathanCoding wow never knew this would happen

noway15 (97)

@LeviathanCoding I found a bug:

pretty sure I was supposed to die, idrk why it gave me NaN/190 helth. Also I won thanks to bug. Also it happened to @LaneMartin too

LaneMartin (108)

@noway15 NaN helf stands for 900 or something way higher than normal I had like 1000 helth

LaneMartin (108)

@noway15 not literally but like idk maybe

randomguy222 (285)

@noway15 yeah when I used a health increaser thingy I got from a quest, my health turned into nan

DhyanShetty (3)

Thank you so much I hav beeen looking for the portal for so long
yeeeeeess @LaneMartin

RexAngelo (3)

this is not a game its real life if you dont give what i asked for your gonna get banned of your wifi

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@RexAngelo , yeah right :P
Also, I got LAN.

FrancisPan (43)

yeah + Don't kid yourself you don't even know LeviathanCodings name or internet or computer or [email protected]


@FrancisPan you have to put a space before you tag someone so like @RexAngelo

jihhyuu202 (14)

@gjirtngisnt this rex angelo dude is probably a kid who thinks they a hacker because they know block coding


@DylanZhaXcamop oh maybe this is on my profile but lots of people think scratch is coding- NO. Its not real coding and has severe limitations. I think scratch is a huge waste of time, it teaches kids to click and drag- pshh i can click so good you guys thats basically how scratch "coders" brag. SCRATCH IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE REAL CODING.

jihhyuu202 (14)

@gjirtngisnt ik i never said it was real coding

AntonioOng (0)

@gjirtngisnt lol yes, scratch is child's play. The system even fixes bugs for you i think, and you don't need to set up GUI's or anything, it's already built in xd. I think people that want to program should skip scratch and go to python in all due honesty.


@DylanZhaXcamop SAD the ammount of people who are convinced scratch is coding...

RayhanADev (2606)

Nice!!! This is ✨amazing✨ great job!

You know the console reminds me of xterm xD.

CosmicWarrior (2)

Please just type out the instructions for the game in the description
other than that annoyance it's great

JoshuaPohl (0)

@LeviathanCoding Even so Its obvious you need to better place the tutorial

humanbeing99 (0)

@JoshuaPohl wdym? a help command is almost universally in every command line. i don't know how they could've made it any clearer,

Myztiq (22)

@humanbeing99 yeah i understood immediately(well except some of the finer details like how to FREAKING USE BANDAGES)

noway15 (97)

@Myztiq bruh literally type, "use bandages"

JoshuaPohl (0)

@humanbeing99 I mean considering so many people are having problems your solution didn't work.

noway15 (97)

@Myztiq hmm well it worked for me, maybe it's just your device
or maybe there was an update between your playing and my playing

LaneMartin (108)


No more cyclon sentries for me!

noway15 (97)

@LaneMartin game be like: But WAIT there's more!

LaneMartin (108)

@noway15 A few decades later: Nothing happens

SilvermoonCat (458)

where do you get water
other than that nice game!

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@SilvermoonCat , get them from bandits or drink it from a spring.

SilvermoonCat (458)

@LeviathanCoding founda spring, btw how do you talk? I said talk <bandit> talk bandit talk to bandit when there was one and it said it wasn’t a valid command.

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@SilvermoonCat , because bandits are mobs and will fight you if you are at or below their level. You can't talk to mobs. You can talk to NPCs tho.

YourMum142069 (1)

i have literally no idea how you made that but its truly epic

warrenzhong10 (5)


Anonymous946 (0)

how long did this take?

JonathanHsieh2 (0)

Is there anyway to see your inventory? Thanks

johnnyfrancis (24)

FINALLY: You stick each accelerator from your fingers into the portal's slots. The portal lights up and activates. As it turns on, it blasts out a surge of power and you are sucked into it. You are on your way to Saudi Arabia to defeat the aliens.

-----To Be Continued-----

NathanBox (0)

won't let me press enter

Whippingdot (675)


Is this game long? I tried playing it like two weeks ago but it felt too long so i stopped. I will finish it if you say it is a short game...

VernonGao (0)

How do I open this?

26eldrpa (1)

how do i check my items?

randomguy222 (285)

is there gonna be a second chapter?

randomguy222 (285)

@LeviathanCoding btw, this is the best text based rpg game Ive ever seen
Its done with pure JS also
this deserves well above 300 upvotes :)

LifiedaDoggo (5)

every single time i type help it don't work

KyleEllingson (0)

xorMatrix KyleEllingson 675Cytotron

BranstinR (1)

Man this is really hard.

Icodedtheweb (4)

You say a lot of terrible text adventures are horrible: This is the exception

Icodedtheweb (4)

what do you do if you can not find any more "cobra" people to get the xorox crystals?

Bunnytoes (165)

your profile says you graudated high school at 15. is that true?