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Cactus Website in 25 minutes
k9chelsea2 (736)

I challenged myself to create a website in just under 25 minutes

I intended to create this in under 15 minutes but as time went on it became clear that I was not going to achieve that, mainly because of time spent on making sure there was enough content on every page, I then extended the time to 20 minutes but then the images went wrong ad I wanted to make sure this repl was interesting enough so I added an extra 5 minutes again.

I also planned to code this straight with no interruptions but then matters out of my own hands (others needing to use the computer during the challenge etc) occurred also I went outside on my bike for a bit kek. I probably would have finished this in the 15 or 20 minute span if I had had no interruptions.

This will be redone

I will redo this website and add more content and actually research a lot more, I am pretty interested in the subject of cacti so Ill prolly enjoy doing it

so yeh this is trash ik and hopefully the remake will be poggers,

You can find the wiki article in the more page
DynamicSquid (4919)

I love your profile picture! Also nice website! But I'm pretty sure @CodingCactus already trademarked websites about cacti lol

k9chelsea2 (736)

I made this purposfully so cactus could sue me, codingcactus needs the money

k9chelsea2 (736)

its complicated, lets just say codingcactus spent a bit too much on bribing paying the Gods for some rain that never came…

zplusfour (901)

It is not responsive
I can help you to make it responsive

k9chelsea2 (736)

oof, i always struggle with making my sites responsive so any help is appreciated

k9chelsea2 (736)

tbh i didnt try make this one responsive bc of the time limit

k9chelsea2 (736)

but ive literally only managed to make one of my websites properly responsive once