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CS50x Course website
arpitdhaka (0)

This repl contains my website for CS50 Course, it Contains background image, title, logo, menu, couple of hyperlinks. The Gallery and Contact tab is not working yet so please bear with me. This is the first website I have ever created so Please let me know what are the things i can improve.:)

JamesSiverson (0)

I myself have already taken such courses to improve computer literacy. In fact, you can learn even from scratch, the main thing is to find good teachers and an optimized training course. In addition, I took such courses in order to get a job in an office, so I needed a special certificate, which I got here after finishing the course. The BCS ECDL certificate is just right for that. From a beginner user they helped me become an advanced PC user, so if you need it, you know where you can find similar courses.