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CREAT3 | Makes Coding Simple.
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Makes Code Simple.

Here is the CREAT3 Website. You can code without typing a single thing. Here is how you can use CREAT3.

How to use

At the top left-hand corner. you will find 5 buttons. You can use those buttons to prepare your steps. And on the right-hand side, you with find three buttons. You can run your code, clear your code, and get the real code. It works best when you open it up to its own tab.

Libraries I use

I used Bootstrap.CSS and JQuery.JS. My JavaScript code looks better because of JQuery, and styling was easier because of Bootstrap. I probably have a lot of mistakes so please comment down below if you found a mistake or something to add. It took so long to make this and I hope it entertains you.


Edit 1: 1/21/2021 - I have added a console and a few functions that use it. I have also fixed the bug of the canvas malfunctioning after the first run.

Edit 2: 1/22/2021 - I added more pages to make a website.

Codeverse (159)

@TsunamiOrSumth Thanks for the upvote. I hope it is not too boring.