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COVID19 INFO Menu - Prep Project
njbsanchez (0)

Thanks for checking out my first Replit!

The ultimate goal of this project is to have a text-in program that provides accessible COVID-19 resources, especially to those with little to no internet access.

Program Iterations:

[DONE] 1 - Program Functionality
[IN PROGRESS] 2 - Connect Twilio API (for Voice & Text)
[PENDING] 3 - Store Data via Flask
[PENDING] 4 - Contact Tracing Function


  • 97% of USAmericans own cell phones, where only 11% of owners do not own a smart phone.
  • 19M of USAmericans do not have access to internet
  • ~90% of USAmericans have unlimited texting. Users with limited texting have 10% chance of being charged for incoming text messages due to generous limited texting plans.

Stay tuned! As I continue to learn, will update as I go :)