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COVID-19 Tracker

It's been a while since I was last active on, and I've finished some projects since then. Among them is a COVID-19 tracking Discord bot. I've added some screenshots.

But my friends got bored of it after maybe three commands, and I got bored the next day. So, I decided I might as well strip it down to a console program and post it here.

If I copy-paste the known issues from the bot:

  • Some countries don't show up under their names in Yahoo's database
    • For example, Palestine is listed as State of Palestine
    • For this, I need to manually make the program use a different name
  • Some ZIP codes in Virginia don't work, as they don't list their country
    • For example, my old ZIP code of 22903 is listed as "Charlottesville city" rather than Albemarle County.
    • I have no idea how to fix this, so someone living in 22903 would have to search for 22901 or something else that works

You did a good job, with a few improvements, and it will be even better. I used to follow the statistics of COVID-19, how many have been vaccinated, but I've already gotten bored; it brings me to depression all this stuff. I know what it means to be vaccinated and to go through COVID. Most of all, I had a severe form of COVID. I'm grateful I survived. Grateful for advanced medicine and the dedication of doctors. I was treated with pills; I felt their effectiveness. You can read about these pills on I didn't have a fever at all, I just lost my taste and smell.


It doesn't work on not-so well known countries like Cyprus, Angola and Luxembourg.


ItZ GoOd!


I love It!


Pretty accurate! :)


@Bookie0 Thanks. I think, since many entries are a day behind, I'll add a last updated date, as soon as I learn how the heck to use ISO 8601.