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Logimite (188)

this is an old fashioned website with no point

StevenYoung1 (1)

Hi, i know that i am 1 year late but this awesome and how do import this mouse trail onto my website? :)

Logimite (188)

@StevenYoung1 i haven't the foggiest idea. I made this when i was eight, so...

EekulD (15)

@laksh5 wait what did u update it or were (and are) just very good and programming?

Logimite (188)

@EekulD this website is trash lol so any 8 year old could make it.

EekulD (15)

@laksh5 I guess lol. I more mean the arcade... Is it written in HTML so you had to rewrite it every time the player moves, or js, j, c, c#, Python..?

ReyesP (24)

How about a home button.