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MasterG49 (36)
It's been my dream to code this, and now I finally have the skills to do so! (Note: I haven't added check/checkmates yet)

MasterG49 (36)

This tells about what it is. It's a notation that tells where things are on the chess board. So if you wanted a specific board setup you could use it. In this program it's not exactly correct, and it only uses the first part.

XanthusPettitt (10)

@MasterG49 oh ok cool and I didnt expect you to still be alive on this cuz its been on here for about 3 years

MasterG49 (36)

@XanthusPettitt hahaha yeah it's been a long time since I made this! It's not really a very good program, it doesn't even see checks or checkmates. I made a better one using Python + Pygame a few months ago that does though.

XanthusPettitt (10)

@MasterG49 ah well I found this bc I'm making a chess game any tips?

MasterG49 (36)

@XanthusPettitt Ooo I was just looking at your profile, are you making it in python? and are you making it only using the terminal?? I love that idea.

Yeah chess is a lot more complicated than I thought is what I learned while making this game haha. Make sure you find all the little rules and try to implement them. But start with the basics

brenchleyaa (4)

It's a good game but you should code in check and check mate when I played I put my opponent in check and it let them make an illegal move

zach_speed1 (0)

You should add a bot

Rishan001 (43)

Umm.. how to use this?

MasterG49 (36)

paste that into your web browser, then click and drag the pieces where you wan them to go. Normal rules of chess, although I haven't implemented check/checkmate. White goes first, it's a two player game, so the computer won't go for you. Have fun!

Rishan001 (43)

@MasterG49 Seems I’m having trouble with it since I’m on an ipad

MasterG49 (36)

@Rishan001 yes that would make sense, it is not made for mobile, sorry!

NoNameByProgram (200)

great job! i'm doing something similar with fen string too :D

MasterG49 (36)

@NoNameByProgram Nice! that's super cool, I'll check it out!

SanjayGorur (2)

Ever tried using Python for the check and checkmate boolean functions?
Obviously, it is understandable that en passant and castling are difficult due to the many requirements.

SanjayGorur (2)

My bad; I just looked at your JS file. :|

vedprad1 (922)

This is pretty good! The next would be to build an AI - like system so it can be human vs computer.

ddiioonn123 (0)

It's error but i will give u a vote :)

MasterG49 (36)

@ddiioonn123: Sorry I was working on it, it should be fine now! There's still no check checkmates or castling yet unfortunately

haya (10)

so much fun!! you should allow online multiple players

MasterG49 (36)

@haya: That would be amazing, hopefully one day I can learn to do that!

Rapax_Brak (3)

Horsy boys dont work properly

MasterG49 (36)

@rapaxbrak: Oh nooo :( how so? they move in an L shape correct, and they can skip over other pieces right?

MasterG49 (36)

@rapaxbrak: I'm almost certain they work correctly, maybe check some chess instructions!

sj42 (38)

The only problem is that getting a checkmate doesn't win you the game. Other than that it is great. Good job!

MasterG49 (36)

@sj42: Thank you so much! Yeah I'm working on it, it's more difficult than I thought!

amasad (3553)

@MasterG49 Any updates on the checkmate?