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CC Fanclub Code Jams!
CodingCactus (4321)


wow its been a long time since I've posted

But don't worry! I've still been here the whole time deleting spammers.


moving on, I am hosting code jams for my "fanclub" (dw its not a cult or anything, just a meme). This post is a bit late, as the first jam already started yesterday, but it should be fine if you still want to join.

Just log in to the site attached and it should all be very self explanatory.

The first jam's theme is new year, makes sense seeing as it is like 2nd January or something today. Not really any limit on what you make, just keep it to the theme.

All jams will be marked using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme (3)
  • Creativity (5)
  • Technical difficulty (5)
  • General awesomeness (5)
If you wish to join our little community, you can just click this

So I think that's it, stay tuned to the site if you want to join any future jams as I will not be doing another repl talk post for each one, alternately you could join the discord server to be pinged for each new jam.

Have fun and good luck!

hopefully we get more than one participant lol
Also, the site was made in one day so its not polished or anything yet, just functional (ok it wasn't actually functional lmao, but dw its fixed now)

On another note, THE MODS ARE TAKING OVER hehehehe

JBloves27 (1902)

CACTUS has returned! He is ALIVE! @TsunamiOrSumth

CodingCactus (4321)

@JBYT27 CACTUS has always been watching!

TsunamiOrSumth (540)

@oignons Onion watches over cactus, but who watches over onion? tsunami.

Kookiez (417)

@TsunamiOrSumth tsunami watches over onion, onion watches over cactus, but who watches over tsunami? kookiez.

KobeFF (1274)

@TsunamiOrSumth @Kookiez @oignons But The Mushroom God watches over...


CodingCactus (4321)

ok can we stop this now please

we all know amjad is the all powerful

But seriously, its just spam now.


FlaminHotValdez (750)


HahaYes (1868)

The moderators are coming, the moderators are coming

OldWizard209 (1702)

Hi @CodingCactus . Can you please remove me from the jam as I mistakenly entered and later realized that I have many more important things to do (like a coming up interview) ?. I am sorry for wasting your time. Thanks :)

CodingCactus (4321)

@abdullahrajput9 sure! Good luck in your interview : )

Bookie0 (6567)

I’m proud that...

I've still been here the whole time deleting spammers.


If you wish to join our little community, you can just click this

I’m already part of it!

(ok it wasn't actually functional lmao, but dw its fixed now)

I alerted cc that it wasn’t working!!

but it should be fine if you still wat to join.

I foundz a typo me thinks (want instead of wat)?

Ok yay bye

FloCal35 (689)

Is this a bug?

I made 14 on the first jam but I have 10 total?

JBloves27 (1902)

Heyo @CodingCactus, sorry for the ping, but when is the next jam gonna come out? Thanks!

Sry again for the ping

CodingCactus (4321)

@JBloves27 should be during the American February holidays (which i don't actually know when they are, I'll go ask an american lol)

CodingCactus (4321)

@jude119 I need you to make your repl public so that I can actually see it


@CodingCactus could you please delete my repl link. It isnt New Year themed so I need to make another one, thank you.

Redhawk405 (25)

Welcome back to the land of the living @CodingCactus !

iocoder (166)
cactus lives!!!
mods taking back replit

also very nice. @CodingCactus

zplusfour (912)

Challenge 1, done!
check out my submission

zplusfour (912)

lmao mods are taking over


Can you please tell me how to enter the link?

CodingCactus (4321)

1) log in
2) navigate to the jam page
3) click the button to enter
4) paste your repl url into the box which appears after entering the jam
5) click the button next to that box to submit


Thank [email protected], and BTW and im gonna create a GUI and not some ASCII like others

Junge29 (29)

Umm I try to login with and it keeps on saying it failed to authenticate but I would really like to join is there some way to fix this

CodingCactus (4321)

@Junge29 I'm not sure why this error occurs for some, what browser are you using?

CodingCactus (4321)

@Junge29 yeah, I think that may be the issue

Bookie0 (6567)

hi also what's da prize kthxbai

CodingCactus (4321)

@Bookie0 saying that you're better than everyone else.

Probably some other stuff in the server

Bookie0 (6567)

@CodingCactus no siree, I don't mean that, was just curious (like if it was nitro or something, I would maybe arrange my week to get some time, if it was hacker or something probably not)

thank you anyways!

CodingCactus (4321)

@Bookie0 what? In what way did I not answer your question?

Bookie0 (6567)

@CodingCactus oh, wait did you mean that by asking what the prize is I was " saying that you're better than everyone else"? or did you mean that the prize is " saying that you're better than everyone else."?

CodingCactus (4321)

@Bookie0 your question was what is the prize. I replied "saying that you're better than everyone else".

Why would you think I meant you. Of course you aren't better than everyone else

you don't even know what return does
Bookie0 (6567)

@CodingCactus ooo ok

lol ik i'm not better from everyone else, far from it. I just thought you were joking/saying sarcastically that since I was asking it meant I knew I was going to win (I won't) and thus was asking for the prize, but I don't mean that (sry if it's not explained well)

return "returns" a value to the function when you call it

CodingCactus (4321)

@PyCoder01 your submission doesn't work and I'm not too sure what it has to do with new year, so you may want to look at that. Don't worry, I will only mark them once the jam has ended.

CodingCactus (4321)

ah right, you are using something which needs a token being stored in a .env which means that no on else can run it properly

PyCoder01 (60)

@CodingCactus oof. Yeah it uses .env for a token.

PyCoder01 (60)

@CodingCactus btw why don't you add this to your domain instead of this account:

CodingCactus (4321)

@PyCoder01 what? Because it's about the "fanclub"

PyCoder01 (60)

The Legend. Tim Chen... Is Still Alive

JBloves27 (1902)

Hahaha! The mods are taking over XD

Summit (35)

a wild cactus in its natural habitat!!

FlaminHotValdez (750)

don't worry cactus we all see your comments :)

JBloves27 (1902)

Nice! I will join, it just seems like i might have to login later ;)

BD103 (140)


Your code has an import error :(
CodingCactus (4321)

@BD103 yeah um don't run it, just try going to to wake it up if it is down