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CALCULATOR# - C# calculator in console
DungeonMaster00 (183)

CALCULATOR# is a C# calculator in the console where you can do the following.

  • Add 2 numbers
  • Subtract a number from a number
  • Multiply 2 numbers
  • Divide a number by a number
    • Division with decimal points
    • Division with remainders
  • Get the square root of a number
  • Get the cube root of a number
  • Square a number
  • Cube a number
  • Compare two numbers
  • Get the absolute value of a number
  • Raise a number to the power you choose

This program was made with the help of the Microsoft Online C# .NET Documentation, like most other C# programs.

AND BE SURE TO ONLY USE NUMBERS AND DECIMAL POINTS! If you use any non-number or non-decimal-point characters, the program will throw an exception.

An example of that run's terrible fate:

You may want to zoom in.

This may be more boring than my other programs, but hope you find it useful anyway.