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ih8j200 (1)

My unofficial python port of Cards Against Humanity for python. It will be updated at least once every two days

InvisibleOne (3186)

Your code isn't hidden

ih8j200 (1)

@InvisibleOne I dare you to find the real CAH() function. I dare you. Give me the exact line of the exact file. Have fun xx

InvisibleOne (3186)

It's just a whole bunch of files bro. @ih8j200

InvisibleOne (3186)
import random
def CAH():
	STRC= ("a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h")
	PROD=("iPhone", "Crisp", "OS", "car", "playstation", "bike", "type of cheese", "video game", "gaming console", "CPU", "US flag", "glasses", "Desktop fan", "horror movie", "book", "fruit", "TV Box")
	WHAT=("scams you", "makes money", "is losing money", "Is run by terrorists", "could end the world", "is linked", "lost $1,000,000,000,000", "breaks loads of UK laws", "owns a zoo", "treats its employees", "is selling your info")
	BRAND=("Windows", "Apple", "Sony", "Tesla", "Doritos", "Google", "Mojang Studios", "Tesco", "BBC", "Facebook", "Adidas", "Netflix", "TikTok", "Samsung", "intel", "Amazon", "Sky", "WWF")
	if strc=="a":
		print("How", brand, what)
	elif strc=="b":
		print("Why", brand, "could make the next", prod)
	elif strc=="c":
		print("Why", brand, "never made a", prod)
	elif strc=="d":
		print("Is", brand, "better than", brind)
	elif strc=="e":
		print("Will", brand, "get taken over by", brind)
	elif strc=="f":
		print("Reviewing the new", brand, prod)
	elif strc=="g":
		print("How", brand, "could become the next US state")
	elif strc=="h":
		print("What it's like to work at", brand)


You can just do CMD+F to search through all the code for keywords.