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C# Magic
cuber1515 (57)

Ima show you some magic with C

Along with being a coder I am also a magician (plus much more) so I thought it'd be cool to code a magic trick. Here it is.
If it doesn't work let me know and I will fix it

Hope you like it!!!

P.S. Don't look at the coding until you're done

poetaetoes (316)


every number from one to nine multiplied by 9 and the sum is nine.

I'm so dum

SAMIRayglon (11)

I got an aardvark and the color gray, lmao

cuber1515 (57)

What was the letter you got at 1st (when you changed your number into a letter) @SAMIRayglon

SAMIRayglon (11)

@cuber1515 i did, lol i got the letter i

cuber1515 (57)

@SAMIRayglon ohhhh, I think I know what happened, it should work now, I just forgot to put step.

Bunnytoes (116)

I know this one. Also great job :D you are learning fast
also I made a new project on our team

cuber1515 (57)

@Bunnytoes Yeah it's a pretty common mind reading
Also I noticed it I left a comment.
And last, thanks.