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C++ CSS Parser
CSharpIsGud (931)

Web browser 2/4, no libraries.

I just now got this to work, so as it is right now it can't do any complex CSS styles or numbers yet, so only identifiers like red, blue, white, green, auto, etc can actually be used in styles right now.

Next post will be a JS interpreter.
Or maybe a compiler, a web browser that compiles JS and runs native code would be
pretty unique and also very fast.

HTML Parser:

realTronsi (913)

nice, now you just need to connect the html and css ;D

rediar (499)

You need a clickbaity title smh to get more upvotes.

RohilPatel (1535)

Lil too long. U know I'm the master of clickbait @CSharpIsGud

RayhanADev (1963)

Dang, this is really cool!

matthewproskils (466)

Hello Mr. @CSharpIsGud, I have an offer to you. I would like to invite you to our team for the Code Jam #10. If you want to follow up, please respond to me here at discord Mr;#5320. Thanks, MPS

xxpertHacker (865)

Can't wait for CSS variables, HTML attributes, CSS counters, and more complex stuff. You gotta make a full-blown server-side CSS framework.

Can't wait to map over arrays using CSS selectors:

array > index {
    counter-increment: i;
DynamicSquid (4631)

Wait I'm confuzzled what does this do? Is it just a CSS parser?

CSharpIsGud (931)

@DynamicSquid Yes, I also have an HTML parser completed