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InvisibleOne (3021)

I sort of made this just messing around with some stuff. It's kinda satisfying.

I added another shape!

Other shapes?

Well, I'm not that great at css, but I'm sure some of you are, so if you want to make some cool shapes I can add them, they just need to be a class, and be somewhere around 100px tall and 100px wide as default. So just comment with the css code if you want me to add it and I'll make sure to credit you

@Addiction made the Trapezium

IOP3 (854)

Me: clicks open in a new tab

changes the circle to square

looks at the circle

then hovers over it
animation begins


Me: that's dam satisfying
tries that for the next few hours minutes.

frantically updoots

IOP3 (854)


can you make a javascript tutorial please?😕
InvisibleOne (3021)

Seriously? I suck at javascript, my js coding is 25% guessing what I think is the right thing to type, and 75% googling it @IcingHackz

IOP3 (854)

@InvisibleOne really, you made the bomb thingy ma jig. That was mostly made in javascript. And that got like 300 something updoots. Right?

InvisibleOne (3021)

That was just luck, the JS on that wasn't even that hard. All I did was generate some random numbers, collect the user's input and see if it matched the generated code. @IcingHackz

InvisibleOne (3021)

I might make one on how I made that bomb game, but you'll have to wait and see. @IcingHackz

evil giggle

IOP3 (854)

@InvisibleOne can you go join the repl i shared with you

Brendan23 (166)

@IcingHackz why you call upvote updoot?

FlaminHotValdez (695)

@IcingHackz w8 w8 w8 DAM? PJO fandom cackling in laughter


@IcingHackz This is how I learned JS, HTML, CSS, Java, and some Python. I highly recommend. But @InvisibleOne is right though. Googling stuff is something that I do very often.

IMightBeMe (33)

Or you can see the code using repl or inspect and figure it out. @InvisibleOne

evil giggle

Addiction (5)

@InvisibleOne This is a css code for you to add (it's a trapezium)
.trape {
height: 0;
width: 50px;
border-left: 25px solid transparent;
border-right: 25px solid transparent;
border-bottom: 50px solid transparent;
transition: 1s;
display: inline-block;
margin: 5px;

Hyderite (1)

Bro, your CSS skills are epic!

LingWu1 (94)

I guess the meaning of the 156 upvotes is the reason that its so SATISFYING :D

LingWu1 (94)

@InvisibleOne My sister is crying and after she saw this she fell asleep in 10 miniutes. lol

RhinoRunner (866)

s a t i s f a c t i o n

consider me satisfied

RhinoRunner (866)


AHEM proper grammar PLEASE

It's you're welcome not your welcome

InvisibleOne (3021)

Ok ok

somebodies a grammer nazi @RhinoRunner
peternielsen112 (38)

@RhinoRunner you're like my sister the biggest grammar nazi I know

RhinoRunner (866)

@peternielsen112 at least you are using proper grammar rn

peternielsen112 (38)

@RhinoRunner ahem. Is it proper grammar, though, to use abbreviations such as "rn" for "right now"? This is actually a widely debated topic among my family and friends the world.

RhinoRunner (866)

@peternielsen112 well, we can't all h've pr'p'r gram'r!

InvisibleOne (3021)

Lol, I'm not in writing mode so I suppress my inner grammar nazi @RhinoRunner

peternielsen112 (38)

@RhinoRunner or @InvisibleOne one of y'all should make a meme generator on repl

peternielsen112 (38)

@InvisibleOne I FEEL
I honestly have dark spells moods when I'm all "nope. No more grammar."

Also bro you write? Anything good or just like school assignments? If there's anything good I want to read it. Bored in school y'know. Willing to swap pieces of writing.

One time they wanted us to write a short story so I wrote forty pages of absolute garbage beautiful comedy. The teacher never read it and gave me an A+.

"Come on, Mrs. L! It's garbage, at least read it first!"
InvisibleOne (3021)

Not necessarily school writing, except for some essays for college courses, but I'm not doing any of those right now (I'm a dual enrollment student)
I mostly write Medieval Fantasy and the occasional historical fiction. So far I haven't written anything I would publish (yet) since most of it is garbage, but I've written four full-length novels and a bunch of novellas and short stories.
I am going to start on a historical fiction that I plan to be a bit more serious and realistic than my other stuff, it will be based on a captured German soldier and his point of view of the war, I feel like so many people like to focus on the 'good guys' and don't realize that there were a lot of German soldiers who were just doing their duty and fighting for their country. Lots of them didn't even know about the concentration camps and stuff, and after the war were ashamed to find all of that out. @peternielsen112

peternielsen112 (38)

@InvisibleOne That's awesome! I write a lot of medieval fantasy too but I focus on comedy and try not to make things too dark if I want it to be comedic. For some reason it's either super far into the future or super far into the past and I don't know why I do it, I just do it. Anyway. That's super awesome. Keep it up!

RhinoRunner (866)

@InvisibleOne wow you writing a book on this that was a massive paragraph lol

InvisibleOne (3021)

I write some comedy into my writing and most of it isn't that dark, although there are some that get pretty dark. The current one that I'm writing is about an assassin who can act like two different people. At times he's a healer and just wants to help people and stop sickness, at other times he's a deadly assassin who's obsessed with poison and killing people. It's a little bit dark, but not as dark as some of my other stuff.

Agzamikail (2)

how did you make sure there was a link to the site and there was a site? I'm just a beginner programmer

InvisibleOne (3021)

You just share the repl, replit automatically puts the repl in your post, and if it doesn't you can select one


SilvermoonCat (437)

especially the fade-into-triangle animation

Addiction (5)

50 shades of grey :-)

peternielsen112 (38)

@RahulChoubey1 But does it matter? It's the thought that counts

Thotsub (1)

confusion intensifies

TheodoreGardine (0)

damn that's so satisfying. you could add a randomizer for the shapes and colours to make it better tho.

JWZ6 (674)

forgot how satisfying this is noice pog

ebp11 (42)

@InvisibleOne Can I integrate this into ePlus (enas Plus/E11 Network and Search Plus), a free bundle of my services? It would also be very useful if it were in E11 Polanco ( ) if the shapes were draggable.

Cosemus (12)

so guys set it to 5000px change from circle to square, dont hover over any yet, and when you hover over it the growing looks cool

CallMeKFC (0)

That's really great! Keep up the great work!

InvisibleOne (3021)

Don't worry, I'm working on something way better than this @CallMeKFC

peternielsen112 (38)


Trying to get them all to reverse oreo black with white rings.

Awesome project tho it's awesome. UPDOOT

ShAdOwZxd (5)

When you set the pixel size to 1000px...

RandomNoob1 (9)

How did you made it so that the color choosing pallet comes up? Its something I've been searching for on the internet for weeks, but I didn't find anything.

InvisibleOne (3021)

It's just a form, then input with the type of color.

  <input id='color_picker' type='color'>


Sara3015 (5)

This is so addicting i cant stop... HELPPPPP
btw this is super pog i love it :D

TheC0derGirl (250)





the fact


InvisibleOne (3021)

yeah the triangle one is pretty cool @TheC0derGirl

NotMrMan (119)

circles to triangles speedrun
best is 0:04.56