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Business website

This is a website for a business I might start when I'm older (work in progress)

Also, can someone tell me how to add a feedback page?


Have a great day, RobertFurr! If you need specific information or a good solution to your problem, I suggest you use professional applications like code checkers and code optimizations. Also, if you are working on your own business project, the good way to start is to approach the proper business planner service. I addressed the good solution service when I was dealing with problems about my belgium citizenship for indian people when I just was moving to Europe. If you need any suggestions about a related topic, feel free to ask me in private messages!


@lullumankane sir, this post is two years old. Why are you here?


I would suggest looking into and jquery or php. I have also seen people use Node JS though I have no experiance in any of these X3