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Business Tycoon v1.0
YuvanVighnesh (102)


HUGE Shout out to @Viaticboss19, his Game Dev Simulator was my whole inspiration to this project.

Also a special shout out to @AneeshKotvali1 for helping me code this.
It would mean a lot to him if you checked out his profile, and some posts of his.


The objective of the game is straightforward. Make a successful business and make a lot of money.

Final Word

As always, feedback is accepted. Don't forget to upvote, and comment!

mesquite2234 (278)
     ▄              ▄    
    ▌▒█           ▄▀▒▌   
    ▌▒▒█        ▄▀▒▒▒▐   


mesquite2234 (278)

@YuvanVighnesh It got kinda smushed. try putting it in a repl and see if that helps

YuvanVighnesh (102)

imagine naming a company after someone who told u to get a life..... @LTI2

Muhammad_SJC (150)

hey @YuvanVighnesh, if you look at lines 15-18, which says:

   for char in thank_youMsg:

you can define a function that does this to condense the code and use it over and over again:

   def type(text):
     for char in text:
       print(char, end='')
   # The text is what you put into the function
   # Then you can use it in other instances as well!
   type("Hello world!")

This helps you use the function over and over again. If you want to explore it further, go to my reply that I coincidentally made as a tycoon:

By the way, I did not give the link to my post because I don't want piggybank your success :)

JonahElias (157)

Somehow I could invest more than I have


@JonahElias - I posted the exact same thing a minute ago!

hg0428 (194)

Your code is long and complicated. Also, I’d like to talk to you.

YuvanVighnesh (102)

look in the repl that u shared with me. @hg0428

Mayamg (1)

I made FNAF. where the hell are the kids i need to murder them-

eyobaberra (3)

making all the price of producing and advertising both 50, the the price 10 and sell it in europe always gives me a profit.

FloCal35 (668)


I had $10, sold it to 4 people for $10, didn't lose any money, and gained $1000 (When I got $40 total from the people)

FloCal35 (668)

@FloCal35 I also sold something for $25 and 2 people got it and I gained $989

AntonioOng (0)

i keep selling 0 of my products.... is that a printing bug????

ThisUserTaken (243)

@AntonioOng no. the people don't like ur prices (its the math algorithm, not bugs!)

mesquite2234 (278)

I was the second upvote and now its trending lol

MegaMan (1)

so uh, I sold a negative number of items

ThisUserTaken (243)

I made a new game. its called Noob Simulator. pretty kewl.

ThisUserTaken (243)

@YuvanVighnesh it would be even kewler if u had like Day2, Day3, like my game

ThisUserTaken (243)

noice job! number #4 on trending!

YuvanVighnesh (102)

lol,it was number one on trending thx to algorithm (2 upvotes in 3 minutes)@ThisUserTaken

AidenTreue (0)

When I put in how much money I want to make a product with a decimal it will send a error code

YuvanVighnesh (102)

you cant do it with a decimal because when it passes through
the buyer algorithm, it will give an answer like 10.88875848@AidenTreue

YuvanVighnesh (102)

8/10, you should do


then when you need to, type clear()
and also add colors


DearEmily (0)

I love it. At first I could not find the start button on the top. Then I thought the pictures got lost in code. But your only supposed to type So creative!

thenullified (167)

good game elements.
poorly structured user interface. (hard to read).
make user input diff color from console.

MikeJMS8910 (231)

I made a buisness game a while back not as good as this though

YuvanVighnesh (102)

@MikeJMS8910 it actually has a few key elements that we are missing

MikeJMS8910 (231)

@YuvanVighnesh thanks, but your game has a bit more. If you are going to update it I can help you add those things

YuvanVighnesh (102)

sure! I need help with making the game [email protected]

MikeJMS8910 (231)

@YuvanVighnesh cool, you can make a group and then invite me to it

YuvanVighnesh (102)

#Hey Guys, Should I Use:

elipie (353)

please use unicode, better than termcolor

ThisUserTaken (243)

@YuvanVighnesh i use termcolor. but you could use unicode.

ThisUserTaken (243)

@YuvanVighnesh for termcolor, it's super ez. i'll show you whyyy. you can make a function for colored text, so you dont have to waste your time on the color. For example, if i wanted to print green text, i could do, print(colored("shut up, 'green')) now, we can make a function for that except making it easier and organized. we can do def print2(x, color): print(colored(x, color) when we call print2("gg yo", "green" it prints in green text. FUNCTIONS MAKE LIFE EASIERS!!! also, i have a post on colored text, if you wanna check that out. overall, I'D recommend termcolor because of the function happppppinessss.

NoNameByProgram (198)

@YuvanVighnesh unicode i find is faster when playing a python game