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Business Simulator
RileyJohnson (7)

Me and a few friends were inspired by simulators to make this game. We made it about using a bitcoin to start a business and run the business. Some businesses don't work out since they aren't the best at making income and profits.

Evanbailyen (0)

A simulator that can predict how your business will thrive or fail is actually an exciting game to create. I will love to play it if you add the link in the future. When I first launched my own application, I spent so much time researching and optimizing all the necessary parameters and functions. I got a bit of help as well from with the software and some ideas in the protocols. They did a great job in guiding me throughout the process. If anyone else is trying to make their own website software or application, I would definitely check the stuff out.

Pharrisa (0)

It would be great to add the link for the game. I'm trying to create an application and I'm a bit lost with how to start.

ZControls_Games (21)

-You did not put the link to the game-

sideswipe (12)

@RileyJohnson, I can't see the play link? Did you forget to add it?