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💥Bullet Hell💥
LorenzoCampos (577)

Unicode character based so it runs 'well' on repl. Probably one of the last in my series of Unicode games. This one is a fun one I think..?

Here's a version with ASCII characters instead for people with trouble seeing Unicode.

SudhanshuMishra (252)

me after surviving 2 bullets -

Wilke000 (636)

lol @SudhanshuMishra
(Why am I the only one who replied?)

OldWizard209 (1614)

lol, this isn't youtube bruh @Wilke000

Wilke000 (636)

Why would it be @OldWizard209? I have a YouTube account at Wilke000

FrancisPan (43)

@SudhanshuMishra try doing a chess tourney and doing this at the same time for a change. By that time, no one can stop you if you get to 191

SwaritChoudhari (85)

@SudhanshuMishra it is not possible for this thing to happen! You have three lives and you died with two! XD!

SudhanshuMishra (252)

@SwaritChoudhari :o I didnt think of that But Wait ... Did i mention that I died after 2 bullets I mean I just felt like that... 😊

YourMomIsGqy (0)

when you survive 274 bullets B)@Wilke000



Wilke000 (636)

RIGHT @LeShuriken??
(Why am I the only one who replied?)


@Wilke000 Idk why you are the only one who replied

but you're not alone anymore






@Wilke000 lol i do that all the time XD

Wilke000 (636)

Ohh @TheC0derGirl yay, I am almost at 600 upvotes!


@Wilke000 yayyy

Gavinzzstu (2)

Okay I get it, you're good, but how many attempts did that take you?

PurpleSus1002 (14)

@Gavinzzstu all it takes is a few thousand hours of practice and some backup keyboards. Also like 100+ attempts lmao

PurpleSus1002 (14)

@PurpleSus1002 If there was a leaderboard would I be on it?


@PurpleSus1002 I'm pretty sure you would
unless I beat yours

PurpleSus1002 (14)

@LeShuriken I already beat my own score xD




@AJDevelopment atleast one person got it

Codeverse (158)

I survived 100 bullets.

kwe (57)

i survived 269 bullets

SreyasSabbani (62)

I survived 219 bullets

SpencerGan (1)

Lmao... 391 bullets doged and died by my sister bugging me... How unfortunate....

GavinSanti (5)

I have no weakness!!!

Zavexeon (1167)

Is this for the Kaboom Jam?

LorenzoCampos (577)

@Zavexeon no unfortunately I made this right before it got announced so I didn't post it in the submissions

ChezCoder (1606)

me surviving the big cluster of bullets

this is big brain time

PythonPiboy314 (5)

First Game, Super fun btw

Alfaheimr (3)

I like this game
I like it a lot


I got my neck snapped?

EdwardBentler (39)

Shut up and take my upvote,