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Bubble Bash!
Dopest_Pleb (19)


Welcome to Bubble Bash. The kid friendly shooter game for anyone in your family. My goal was to create an online multiplayer game with a brawlhalla aspect. I think I succeeded. To view the code, check out To play the game, head to Everything below is for developers that actually care :P

Update Log

1.0.0 - Release
1.0.1 - Fixed win/lose screen not appearing.
1.1.0 - Redid all server-client communications and reduced a ton of lag.
1.2.0 - Single player added and code efficiency increased.

Upcoming Features

  • Shotgun and rapid fire power ups.

Known Bugs

None at the moment, yay!

TylerK1 (1)

Its stuck on the "searching for game" screen, so i havent even been able to play.
Mabye you could add a singleplayer mode?

bmmashat (1)

I believe you succeeded accomplishing the brawlhalla aspect :) It was fun to play! The AI is decent yet a bit hard to beat :P Looking forward to future features! I see a lot of room for improvements if you decided to continue developing it :)

Dopest_Pleb (19)

@bmmashat Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to move this to unity soon as it would be super easy to recreate.

timmy_i_chen (1180)

Super fun, thanks for making this :)