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Brute Force Password Cracker
CyanCoding (2132)
I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test my knowledge of Python 3 and its libraries.

Thanks for 1,000 likes :D
-Camden, 12/1/2020

FrancisPan (7)

It took so long that the system shut down

gjirtngisnt (14)

congrats! most liked repl!

FrancisPan (7)

1 bill passwords guessed

FrancisPan (7)

400 mill passwords

FrancisPan (7)

300 mill passwords guessed

FrancisPan (7)

200 mill password guessed

FrancisPan (7)

100 mill paswords guessed

FrancisPan (7)

this is what happens when you do brute force

FrancisPan (7)

its still cracking my code

PaytonTravis (1)

what passwords can it hack?

nro2collaborate (1)

hahaha(the program never thought of this)

PurpleSus1002 (11)

don't worry people we're only at, uh, about 69B 420M passwords guessed so far

STCollier (3)

This is amazing!! I was thinking of building a program like this but I was just not advanced enough yet! This is so awesome!! Nice programming!!

CookieSnowOwl (41)

maybe add \n at the end of each input? :) gj

EitanGJ (3)

I went to do something else (I putted a REALLY strong password) and I founded this 1 billion, 135 million passwords guessed so far...

CSharpIsGud (922)

@EitanGJ It likely won't find it just a 6 character password it has to go through 2 GB of data to find if it isn't very lucky.
7 characters: 61 GB
8: 1 TB
9: 51 TB
10: 1 PB + 1463 TB

friskundertale2 (0)

So in this project what i'm going to do?

pythonmaxi (0)

I think it would be better to use the re module to check what characters are used in the password

xXJohnDoeXx (2)

CyanCoding's BFPC cracked the password a in 1 tries and 1 second!

That's approximately 25891 guessed passwords per second!

17williamsa (0)

I typed in "password" as my password and its found 400 million passwords that aren't "password"

MikeJMS8910 (114)

I did the math and a 6-Digit password can take up to 25 days to crack

SethPeace1 (2)

After 2 billion, 240 million passwords guessed it gave up lol

Brendan23 (139)

@CyanCoding why don't you post anymore!? 😫😫😫

helloyanis (11)

I feel like "¤" is not in the character list. Just tried having my password as just ¤ and it says 350 millions lol

GavinSanti (5)

let's go, made it 1111 :). Amazing program btw

KinetekREPLit (0)

Petition for @CyanCoding to make a password checker that doesn't do brute force but uses the passwords people input to make a database and then use the database to try out common passwords. (AI maybe?)

ShAdOwZxd (5)

Okay, I did the 1101st vote. Uh, yeah. I guess this is not a milestone, but still.


yooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1099th updoot~!


1099th upvote


@CyanCoding make this into an ai that will try to guess your number that you eneter or something like that