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Boxy Run
Wan_FungFung (31)

A Temple-Run-inspired, Three.js-powered game.

Play here:

This game was developed for educational purposes for Bit By Bit (\).

LittleNomster (114)

@Wan_FungFung it would be better if there was like a text spot that we can type in our high score to keep track, and a working leaderboard, other than that it is amazing!

lvinwan (303)

Yeaaa this is awesome! :D Maybe have it go faster

kaldisberzins (346)

Make it so that three trees cannot spawn in a line

lvinwan (303)

@kaldisberzins: Do you mean the successive lines of trees, where you can't jump to avoid them? I think it's okay, to make the game harder :P

ebest (672)

@ALVINWAN1 you can avoid them, it just requires extreme timing skills.

andypalan (31)

Love the look and design of the Usain Bolt-runner-type-guy haha!

emilychang (0)

great game! love the ominous-looking horizon in the beginning haha--spooky!

haya (9)

Nice game! thanks for posting it. I edited your post and added the hosted repl link.

amjad123 (2)

Hey, can you use the leaderboard API? You can integrate it right into your game without using popups or anything like that:

freddyamarsden (31)

31400 highscore. Really Good Game

emilian1000000 (12)

Scoreboard doesn't work, when I press the button to submit the score, the scoreboard tab immediately closes. Other than that, it is AWESOME!!!

HeerokDas (14)

Someone hacked the scoreboard

HeerokDas (14)

Someone named "johnny cakes" hacked and got 10 "high scores" of 2,143,483,647