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Boxing (Text Python Game)
trumpetperson (8)

A text boxing game based on chance!

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Removed AP system
  • Replaced specific moves with more generalized ones
  • Added options menu
  • Made damage based on random values
  • Slightly better "UI"

Suggest more changes in the comments!

kaylin_scheel (0)

seriously a good game i like it


how to start a game

haya (9)

The first punch is Jab. It's the basic (punch) 😉
here are the rest of the basic moves. you can add them to your game.
Cross, which is the straight right if you're a righty.
Right Uppercut
Left Uppercut
Right Hook
Left Hook
Duck under
I would love to see how much this game will improve with time. Keep me posted