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BirduuGaming (78)

Use WASD to move...
The game is glitchy, so I took advantage of that. Some blocks bounce you, some don’t!

PB: 9.8 seconds

Samougette (2)

Please Fix, I want to play this again but it is currently busted. I've got it bookmarked and plan to check in every few weeks. I won't give up on bounce blob.

BirduuGaming (78)

@Samougette sry, but I'm not planning on devving this game anymore. It was fun, and was a great project for me, but the "busted" part comes from me intentionally having the game broken to create cool level designs, although it does create inconsistency in the program, which can be fixed via a reload

sajknslsa (3)

Ahhh, this game looks like its broken, going through the green circle at the start of game but nothing's happening :/

haya (9)

This has been one of my favorite game. Can you add instruction on how to play?

BirduuGaming (78)

@haya: I just added a few on the page, and made it a little easier to look at :P

Meor (0)

I'm sorry to say this but the loading is too long



this game is really addictive

loganferreri (0)

Go you have the source code for this?

haya (9)

Yeh! can we have a scoreboard for this? and check who is playing in real time? like a chatroom?

Brandaboss (89)

Barely beat that at 17.7

haya (9)

@brandaboss: can you send screenshots? I'm jealous, hahaha

Brandaboss (89)

Personal best by me: 17.5

haya (9)

@brandaboss: hahaha this is awesome. I would love watching you play. I think you're #1

aliox (0)

I did what I could.

WFSOverpowEr (1)

@aliox: how i can't even do the first level in 12 seconds

DAIMY0 (0)

@aliox: oooooooh snappp i just got 11.9

haya (9)

@birduugaming Can we have a score board?? who is on the top of this game?

haya (9)

@birduugaming: @mason-clayton-1 is building a leaderboard API, do you want to try it? I can get you in to the beta

BirduuGaming (78)

@haya: I think I can get it working with, but it will require some time

A17aphillips (35)

11.2 seconds

This game is really addicting!

BirduuGaming (78)

@amasad sweet! I'll see if I can get that working when I have the time :)

DAIMY0 (0)

The world ought to know about @birduugaming and this incredible game!

haya (9)

@birduugaming: @daimy0 if I had the same scores I would probably do the same 😆

HeerokDas (14)

34.2 on first try :( I didn't get how to play the game for a few seconds

HeerokDas (14)

I always get stuck on the 4th room

HeerokDas (14)

Finally, I got a good score :) -- 16.8

CarysS (32)

welp 53. I tried. Literally accidentally beat one level, but overall entertaining!

Samougette (2)

I spent WAAAAY to much time playing this game but I finally got a 9.6

KamilGanko (0)

9.7 damn this took me too many tries

HunterW1 (16)

I got 13 on the dot