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Boss Fight Simulator!

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Boss Fight Simulator is a game where you create your own boss and fight it.

![pic bfs]

You can modify the bosses type (two available at the moment, Zombie and UFO), Damage, Health and many other properties.

The game is very much a work in progress but I wanted to submit it regardless.
There are some bugs regarding Gore and some other features.

Doesn't really match the theme because I didn't even realise there was a theme until recently.

Arrow keys or WASD to move
Space/Up arrow/W to jump
Click to shoot

"p" to pause
"h" for debug mode (just shows hitboxes)

You can modify the map by changing the map2.txt file in the map folder
"-" represents empty space
"P" represents a Grass block (or platform)
"D" represents a Dirt block (Same as grass block but looks different)

You can play it here
but it is VERY glitchy and is missing sound compared to the one I made using the Python IDLE.
If you know how to fix the sound issue or make it less laggy then help is appreciated.

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Much Better version:
You need the following modules:

More Pictures:

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Ufo Boss
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