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BoolBrain (Boolean Esolang)

I've started to work with Esolangs and made my own sort of glued-together one, The premise is simple, Go into the
'' you can rename this as long as you update it in
The python file executes your Bool-Brain code as follows:
[ Start of a loop
] End of a loop
+ inverts the state of a current bit, bits can only be 1 or 0
> moves the pointer to the right
< moves the pointer to the left
, gets user input 1 or 0 and stores it in current bit
. outputs selected bit's value 1 or 0

I have the RAM/Memory print out in 8-bit segments at the end, this can be commented out, it's the last line of python code

You can make imbedded loops ie,

I am curious if one of you could write a program that fills the RAM with 1s, too easy? Alternate! Submit your solutions in the comments!
Feel free to add debugging!


Oh cool esolang XD
(i making language too but not esolang)