HahaChat Trailer! ✨👏🤣💬
Bookie0 (6249)

G'afternoon everybody!

I'm excited to share the trailer of HahaChat, a Next Generation Chat for Next Generation Chatters.

HahaChat is coming soon, and while you wait, here are some of the features!

Comment your suggestions, tips, wishes for the project, etc.

🤣 💬

PS: ignore the repl

Video: https://hahachat-trailer-video.bookie0.repl.co/


Also please know that it seems like the actual product was copied from a tutorial, and I no longer associate with HahaChat :/

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SyntaxPwn (0)

@Bookie0 Please DM me on Discord, I would love to help, my discord is

Bookie0 (6249)

ok, but help for what? if you wish to help with the proejct, please contact @HahaYes ;) @SyntaxPwn

HahaYes (1861)

@SyntaxPwn hello why have you pinged hahayes?

SyntaxPwn (0)

@HahaYes hi, I am good with express and socketio, I would love to help you on your project!

HahaYes (1861)

@SyntaxPwn I mean,we are already finished.

SyntaxPwn (0)

@HahaYes please contact me on Discord, WumpusDev#0001