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Bohemian Rhapsody

For a school project. I had to make a song or poem. Here it is.

Th3Coder (95)


I read the poem. That's...


Oh yeah, I also have a few tips for you!

  • Instead of using a LOT of spaces, use \t! The t is for tab, so of course it gives a tab!

  • Don't use print("") to print a new line, but instead use \n, that way you don't have to make another print statement!

  • But in this last tip you can just ignore the \n, and instead use 6 quotes (") inside the print statement!

Just use:

print("""\tI have a poem...

\tIt made me cry...

\t(Or did it?)

\tWell, I'll make this random rhyming horrible poem

\tI can code in Python.

\tNot the snake Python,

\tBut the, err, (CLEARS THROAT), Python, Python.

\tAnd every last word is Python.""")

Well, happy programming! :)