Pitlife 2

This game is based on Bitlife, it may be a console type version, but at this point, it is hardly the same game. I've added many features that will never be added to Bitlife, for instance, you can swim in the frickin sewers!

The new update version is finally done! After having spent loads of time adding things you may want, and things you may think are pointless, I have decided it is time for the official release! I will be working on it still, and I have huge plans for this game.

Here's some info on how to play!

  1. The numbers in brackets are the numbers you press to interact with the word shown next to them.
  2. You will die if your health or happiness goes to zero or below.
  3. Do whatever you want, live whatever life you want.

Since I last posted this game it is almost a different game, I've added so many jobs and things to do, it would be painful to list everything. I literally remade the entire game. In the first week, it beat the other one in my opinion.

Currently, I would like to add more diseases, more love options, and more jobs. Although these ideas are advancing pretty far, I think there are a lot more improvements I could make on them. Please let me know of any updates, ideas, or things you would like to make the game more fun. Remember this is not the final release, but I have to say I am very proud of what it is. If you wish for the game to have a goal make one, the goals you can have in this game are close to limitless, you could be famous, live a good life, have a family, try to be the most deadly criminal, or even just try to live for the longest you can!

Also, Please upvote, it would mean a lot!

P.S. I would not recommend running in front of cars, the chance is you'll get hit, and yes there is an option to do that.

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@BobTheTomatoPie yeah I remember I had to learn this lesson the hard way when I had 5000 lines of code in one file It got so messy that I had to pretty much start over