Text Battle Royale

The Ultimate Text Battle Royale

Fight your way through one-hundred players in an attempt to be the last one standing! Lot's of cool weapons

Try and beat the kill record

The current kill record is thirty-one, held by @Name12 try to beat it!!

I will add lots of new weapons and things to do!!

I just started on this project, and adding weapons takes hardly a second, so check to see lots of updates.

Pitlife 3 will come out, but it may take a while

I have just began the process of making the next PitLife, It will be the best one, and it will take a long time to make, will I make a fourth? Idk, but be excited and ready for Pitlife 3 to come out

Thanks for the popup design idea


Thanks so much to @Name12 for about half of the weapons!

By: BobTheTomatoPie

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@BobTheTomatoPie this is a very nice game!! but I think there should be a few more upgrades on the weapons, so I added some weapons in my own reply. it is exactly the same as yours besides I added some new weapons. here's the link:


Please check it out. you can find them in line 229 . and consider adding it to the same.


I love them, I might add some of them when I make an update @Name12


@BobTheTomatoPie thank you very much for doing that!!!! WOO