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Blood Money

Life is hard.

You figured you might as well just nick a couple of bucks from the bank to get some extra cash.

Little did you know, that resulted in you confronting the authorities. You were lucky to get away from the first one.

At least you're no longer a nobody. Indeed, it launched you from a silent life in the bowels of the earth to the pinnacle of the world of high crime and notoriety.

But that's ok. You're cool with that.

Story time over.

As you may have figured out by now, this is my individual submission for the GameJam. In essence, it's a top-down shooter with some added gameplay elements not present in classic shooters.

Currently, the game doesn't have much content, but over the course of the week I intend to add much more stuff, including an actual objective and money.

Another way of explaining it is: what do you get when you mate surviv, Payday, and Python?

Blood Money.

(Except there isn't anything to rob... YET)

Getting started

At the moment, the game is really more of a technical demo than something playable. There is one "sentry" or bot to fight with, but it's extremely rudimentary and easy to defeat. The vibrant polygons with the contrasting patterns are placeholders for walls that will be added later. Everything else should be intuitive - WASD to move, mouse to look around and shoot, R to reload, and health/armor bars are at the bottom left.

If you die, then you have to rerun the game.


For best performance, download the game as a zip and run it on your personal computer. No, there aren't any viruses. Yes, you do need Python and Pygame, but everything else is bundled in the repl. If you run it in-browser, you're going to achieve terrible performance, so I advise you not to.


  • Robbable safes (turn around to see it)
  • Interactable objects
  • Money and keeping track of the amount robbed
  • Minor bugfixes

Upcoming features (sorted by priority)

  • Being able to rob things (the monetary element) (partially implemented with safes)
  • Game restarting
  • An actual map
  • UI rework
  • More content (guns, sentries, armor, you name it)

Technical achievements (what separates the game from other games):

  • I used Pygame w/ Python
  • Polygonal pixel-perfect collisions (this took forever)
  • Shooting, guns

Feel free to give feedback on what's there, or suggest ideas for what I should add! If there are any questions or errors, or if you're unable to run it on your computer, feel free to comment!

I will continue to work on this game after the GameJam, so this is more of a long-term project for me. Do check back often for updates!



Oh man, this is hard.


@KatyaDelaney you have to move right as the game starts, but I agree I might have to move the spawn location


This is a wonderful game. I love the code. It is very interesting and hard!!


This is a really good game! just remember to add more things and maybe add guns/items. Also, the sentry's cannot reload. I agree with katya(inset end of name here), it's hard at the very start. The player should also be stronger then the sentry.

Great game overall though!