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Billy Cash Final

Meet Billy Cash...

...a $1000 bill whose owner has been kidnapped! Worse still, the criminals have set fire to Billy's mansion. You have to help him escape and rescue his owner.

OBJECT: escape the burning mansion, room by room. To escape a room, find its key and unlock the exit.

Use the left/right arrows to move Billy, and the up arrow to jump.

Space bar fires Billy's trusty squirt gun. You can refill at broken water pipes. The arsonists have left some gasoline lying around. You can fill your squirt gun with that, too.

Use water to douse flames. Use gasoline to cause flare-ups. Wooden tiles (brown) will char when burned with gasoline. Charred tiles break apart when you touch them.

If you catch fire, you will burn (you are paper money, after all!). Collect coins to restore your health. In the full game, if you collect coins while at full health, you will earn money, instead.

This is a sample of the full game, which is meant to be a puzzle platformer. Most of the included levels are tutorial-style layouts to show game mechanics. Only the last few levels have much meat on them. It looks like the Jam may have been extended one more day. If that's the case, I will add more real levels.

Good luck to all the Jammers -- I am going to check out the other entries, now...

JUDGES: See the original REPL for this project here: ( On 4/15, I downloaded the project to my local machine so I could debug the physics engine. I re-uploaded to a new project to ensure I didn't forget any files or data, but this effectively wiped out the Dev history.

Concept and Art: Helen Kreitler
Design and Programming: Mark Kreitler


love this guy