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[Big Update] Star Wars: The Clone RPG

I've been working on this project for a month and after writing 1000 lines of code and doing many bug tests, I give to you...

Star Wars: Clone (Trooper) RPG!

Take your part as a clone trooper in the Republic-CIA War. Fight battles, get new weapons, and rank up until you are the highest member in the Galactic Republic Army!

Future Updates

  • Realistic battles??? (might take a while)
  • [Any user requests?]


  • === Jan 16. 2021: Star Wars: Clone Trooper RPG (Version 3.0) is released to public
  • 3.0 Jan 16. 2021: Highly requested"New enemies" update
  • 2.1 Jan 11. 2021: Bug fixes
  • === Jan. 7. 2021: Star Wars: Clone Trooper RPG (Version 2.0) is released to public
  • 2.0- Jan. 1st, 2021!: Gain items from battle, shop redesign, and other changes
  • 1.6- Dec. 29th, 2020: Added selling weapons
  • 1.5- Dec. 28th, 2020: Multiple minor changes
  • 1.4- Dec. 25th, 2020: Added DC-17m Interchangeable weapons system (new weapon)
  • 1.3- Dec. 22nd, 2020: Less easy to get €redits if you run from a battle and other small changes
  • 1.2- Dec. 20th, 2020: Bugs found and hopefully resolved
  • 1.1- Dec. 18th, 2020: Beta version complete
  • 1.0- Dec. 8th, 2020: Star Wars: Clone RPG created

Known Bugs

  • There have been situations where the enemy couldn't take damage if you attack with an E-WEB
  • Sometimes the main screen takes a while for "home screen" to load after you buy a weapon (which might have happened due to bad internet)

Feedback/bug reporting is always appreciated in the comments

Credits can be found after the completion (or failing) of the game