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Betting Arena

A game made by Me. This game has either a little or a lot of glitches. If you would like to report any glitches or would like to suggest a solution you can report or suggest in the comments. I will make a change list in the python source code. Anyway, I need to add much more to the game and there may or may not be a graphic version if I get a lot of positive feedback.

Welp, hope you enjoy. -Jordan


I looked at your code, and I was wondering on the basis of which site you built your base for bets. As for me, you need to try to play on various services yourself to exclude some errors since to understand the whole system; you have to test it for a while. I would advise you to turn your attention to since this is a very intuitive betting service, which is very important not only for beginners but also for continuing players. Perhaps if you try it yourself, it will become more apparent to you how it all works, and you will be able to create the best service on the market. Good luck


@katekotc This actually isn't for real betting. It was supposed to be a game but I haven't worked on it in awhile. Regardless, thank you for the feedback!