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Better image hosting service!
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After my old image hosting service ( slowed to a crawl, I realised what the problem was and decided that instead of fixing it I should just rewrite it completely. So here you have the new image hosting service.

What's new:

  • The server will no longer take 5 minutes to start up
  • The time it takes to upload an image no longer depends on how many images are stored on the server in total and now only depends on the image size
  • Viewing cached images is now possible, so you can see what has recently been uploaded/downloaded

In conclusion, everything is now a lot faster. It still uses jsonstore, as my own alternative ( isn't quite as good, so outages will still affect this. However, it is now much much more efficient so yeah feel free to use it or just copy the code!

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I usually use fastupload to upload pictures to file hosting, as there is no image compression on this service. Plus you can upload 5GB per file, no storage limit. I advise you to read more detailed information about this hosting, if you are interested. I think in any case it's better than what you use now.

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is it open source? if not, i don't trust it with my files :/