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🎈 BetaIDE -- The Free Static Hosting 🌐
Battledash2 (85)

🎈 BetaIDE -- The Free Static Hosting 🌐

BetaIDE the ide.

Link: click me

BetaIDE is an free hosting service! We give you free hosting, just sign up! Not looking for hosting, but just testing? You can still use this!

We offer an easy-to-use IDE. Just signup, and create your project.

What is BetaIDE:

BetaIDE is an IDE for making your sites. It offers a free easy-to-use IDE with updates coming. It'll soon be switching to codemirror and add support for folders!

Why was BetaIDE made?

BetaIDE was made for everyone to easily host static websites! It's easy to use with a great IDE which is custom made! We made this for all you guys to make your websites.

What are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Come on! Start using BetaIDE!

About the updates coming out soon!

We're gonna remake some of the IDE!

We're gonna add folder support to the IDE!

We're accepting suggestions! So comment your suggestions below!