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Besuche Resort
VulcanWM (2756)

Besuche Resort

Besuche Resort is a game where you are at a resort and see it as a great opportunity to get money. You decide to explore the place and see that there is lots of money lying around the place.

Time to get some money!

Click on here to play

Click on here for a guide on how to use the website.

Click on here for the rules.

Click on here for the GitHub repo.

If you want another place in the resort, and have code of it, make an issue in the GitHub repo with the code so I can check it out and add it to the resort. If you do, you will also be mentioned in the credits below.

If you have any ideas for the game or see a bug, also make an issue in the GitHub repo above and I'll try to implement it as soon as possible


Thank you guys. I wouldn't have made this without all of this help.

Not made for phones right now

SixBeeps (5221)

ehehehe this looks familiar

VulcanWM (2756)

uh huh
Thanks for all your help again! @SixBeeps

SixBeeps (5221)

@FrancisPan This was something I did February of last year

huhelena8 (17)

why is this so underrated compared to your other posts -- and this is like ur best one

VulcanWM (2756)

I mean I don’t think that but sure @huhelena8

huhelena8 (17)

the fact you check repl like every second tho i- @VulcanWM

FrancisPan (30)

I thought of an idea. Maybe there was a minigame that you could play that cost 15 rupees and you have to shoot cups, you have 10 darts, each cup costs $3, there are 20 cups that you can shoot, and a cup might fall, hit another cup, fall into the abbys and you get both of those cup's worth coins.

PixiGem (105)

Boi im @HyperDev100, believe me or not, I changed my name

FrancisPan (30)

I don't get how to get money

VulcanWM (2756)

Just go to random places @FrancisPan

Nayoar (575)

Please tell me you didn't actually use my crappy expand stuff
btw, you don't need the section class on a div.expandable, that's just a thing for my website's styling (if you look in expand.css and expand.js, you'll see the class section is not used or referenced anywhere)

generationXcode (513)

giv ur username. I rob u

JBloves27 (1882)

Thanks for ping!

Really noice!

ch1ck3n (2052)


yay i got pinged

awesome game

toddlers pool hehe is it for me

huhelena8 (17)

you rlly made good css compared to Vulcan - wait- do i call you that or ur real name lmao ok but nice css but good job in general @ch1ck3n

ch1ck3n (2052)

@huhelena8 so youre saying my css is good?


VulcanWM (2756)

I mean I made the colours, font and stuff
Chicken person only helped with the login form and error box thingy css- @huhelena8

VulcanWM (2756)

U can call me my real name
Vulcan sounds weird on me- @huhelena8

huhelena8 (17)

ikr well ur css is pretty good @VulcanWM

PixiGem (105)

@ch1ck3n the complete code for toddlers pool is by me!
link - I even got pog award for that

huhelena8 (17)

I haven't even played it but ur like my bsf so i upvoted

huhelena8 (17)

:D yas girl snf snf we cri @VulcanWM

huhelena8 (17)

also i just realized so many people assume ur a guy lmao @VulcanWM