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BestPenguin Quantum
ebp11 (42)

BestPenguin Quantum (A.K.A. QuantumPenguin) is a web-based operating system. It has some features also in Windows 10, but you are considered anonymous. You have to ask me if you would like an account, and then I will send you your allower. Remember to mention your email address so I can send it to you. Check your email and this post every so often to see the latest updates.

Easy features:
-Limited Web Browser
-Easy access to DuckDuckGo search on homepage
-Easy access to Bing, Google and E11 ENAS search in web browser
-Easy access to BestFile and BestOffice with Docs, Sheets, Slides
-Taskbar and Dock allow even easier navigation
-E11 Doodles just like Google Doodles
-The layout can change as the screen gets thinner or wider
-Have a tour show you basic tips to use Quantum
-Pressing the BestPenguin Quantum logo in the taskbar takes you to a temporarily availible COVID-19 tracker. It is meant originally for news.
-Pro In Seconds QuantumPenguin is now better than ever‼
-and much, much, more‼

Go to and like QuantumPenguin!! Enjoy!

Tell me to improve on anything if I need to.

CEO and President of The E11 Coorporation, Eshaan Bhargav Patel.

ebp11 (42)

BestPenguin Quantum and RocketPro are broken from a failed attempt to bring back BestPenguin Quantum Pro in a Second edition.

ebp11 (42)

@TheForArkLD , post a comment here for anything to improve on.