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Best Pokedex Ever....when it is finished that is
ColinKirsch (1)

this is a pokedex. i was bored so i made it and it isnt finished yet. however you can right now see the entrys of all pokemon from bulbasaur to lotad, and then select pokemon from there. the other pokemon are castform, kecleon, cranidos, burmy, wormadam, rhyperior, rotom, arceus, type null, greninja, alolan rattata, alolan raticate, alolan raichu, alolan sandshrew, alolan sandslash, alolan vulpix, galarian corsola, and mega sceptile. i havent put in the gigantamax pokemon yet so please wait and be patient. the information from for pokedex is from so enjoy and please give me feedback on how to format the multi-form pokemon