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Beneath The Kingdom: A Text Based Adventure

Beneath The Kingdom

Beneath The Kingdom is my first finished game as well as my submission for the 2021 Kajam! Thought I should share it here as well!

What is Beneath The Kingdom?

Beneath The Kingdom is a story focused text based adventure game in which you play as an unnamed hero who finds themselves stuck in a labyrinth with no memory as to who they are or how they got there.

Journey through the labyrinth to find and escape, and perhaps use the journal pages scattered around the labyrinth to find out the truth behind what happened to you

You will solve riddles, unlock passages, and use your head to piece together the story that lies within these halls

Are you ready to descend?

How To Play

This is a text adventure game in which you interact with the world through commands! Below are the commands you can use in this game!

look - This command lets you look around your current room

look at <replace with target> - This will let you look at an object in the room! This can be used to gain more information, solve puzzles, or solve the game's story!

take <replace with object> - Use this to take (or try to take) objects around you! This may result in humorous reactions as well!

go east/west/north/south/up - go in a specified direction, use this to travel between rooms!

save - Use this to save the game!

journal - Use this to look at your current pages

Use these skills wisely if you wish to escape!

Known Bugs and Issues

Due to this game being made in a one week period on a week I happened to already be very busy, there are several typos and spelling mistakes.
I am currently working on fixing these

Sticky Bold Bug: Only had this happen once, but this bug caused text to become stuck to the bottom of the screen, still looking into why this happened

Title Bug: Title screen doesn't fully play out, and only the second half loads. This has only been seen to occur in the App version. Cause unknown.

If you find any other bugs or errors, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to fix them!


Although I made this game entirely by myself, I would still like to note that I used Piskel, an online pixel art software for the game's art, as well as tip my hat to the Zork games for providing a lot of inspiration.


Thank you so much for playing the game! Because this is my first game, I would highly appreciate feedback in the comments section (Good or Bad!) as it will help me improve this and future projects
Deleted and redid this post after fixing a few bugs and finding another